What Keeps Affiliation Members Coming Back?

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Profitable Ideas to Act On from Every Meeting

Steve Erdel, President & CEO
Boone Bank
Columbia, MO

"Our bank has been a member of the program for over 20 years. Three of this bank's Executive Committee, the CEO, the CFO and the Chief Lending Officer attend at least one session. Each of us take extensive notes and shares the information with our senior staff members. We all come home with a couple of new ideas that we implement during the year. My personal observation is that the implementation of an idea will not only make the bank more profitable, but it will more than pay for the cost of the program for that year. Many of the ideas brought home from Affiliation meetings years ago are still making this bank thousands of dollars annually today."

"I find it very valuable to spend time with peer banks from around the country. It offers the opportunity to find out what others are doing and have done as conditions change in our markets. Sometimes you learn that you are ahead of others and other times you find that you are behind the curve and need to catch up. It's important to be able to exchange information with organizations that have similar issues and opportunities. All of the information gained at the Program has great value to me."

One Idea Generates $500,000 to the Bottom Line Every Year

Bob Smith, Vice Chairman & CEO
Soy Capital B&T
Decatur, IL

"Attending the Affiliation Program makes you actually think more like an entrepreneur than a banker with the ideas you bring back and implement. It was at a meeting years ago I heard about fee income and checking account services that have generated at least $500,000 to the bank annually. You will make up more than the cost of attending just by the ideas you receive. The Affiliation Program provides such value that I also send two other senior managers."

Consistently Sound, Stable and Profitable

Jim Barnett Jr., CEO
Peoples Bank
Cuba, MO

"The knowledge gained at the Affiliation Program has helped us to create a sound, stable, and profitable organization with great employees at each level. We did not envision as serious a recession that has occurred, but with Affiliation Program's help we have built a solid, profitable foundation and today we have one of the lowest loan past due percentages in our history and are looking forward to another record year! Over the last twenty seven years of our association with Sheshunoff and the Affiliation Program, we have consistently been one of the most profitable banks in Missouri."

"One idea gained at the Affiliation Program that has "paid dividends" is the strategy of bringing all the parties involved in making margin decisions together several times a month and not making deposit pricing decisions, loan pricing decisions, or investment decisions separately. Over ten years ago we formed the Financial Strategies Committee with the heads of several departments. In the first meeting each month we review financial results to date as compared with budget and discuss deposit and loan pricing issues. In the second meeting, we review simulations of different rate possibilities, consider wholesale funding versus retail funding options, and investment possibilities. Of the 100 banks closest to us we have consistently been in 80th percentile in terms of margin and are currently at the 89th percentile! We think that the difference between being at the 50th versus 80th percentile has been worth at least $4,000,000 more in margin income over the last ten years!"

"If you want to run a high performance bank and are willing to implement the new ideas that you learn, your return will be many fold. The small investment of time and money will be repaid many times as you pick what ideas/products are appropriate for your bank."