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Director’s Training Certificate Series Samples

Sample Video Session

13 High-Level Sessions

Session 1 - Bank Secrecy Act Essentials

Session 2 - What Directors Need to Know about Fair Lending

Session 3 - Insider Transactions for Directors

Session 4 - Credit Risk Best Practices

Session 5 - Managing Interest Rate Risk

Session 6 - What Directors Need to Know about Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Risk

Session 7 - Industry M&A Update

Session 8 - Corporate Governance Matters

Session 9 - Reducing Risk From Phishing and Malware

Session 10 - Strategic Risk Management

Session 11 - Branch Acquisition

Session 12 - Compliance Update

Session 13 - CRE Stress Testing and Market Update for BOD

Monthly Director's Progress Reports

Monthly reports submitted electronically to your institution recording each Director's session attendance and completion of sessions. These reports are issued monthly during the annual subscription to this series.

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Sample Reference Guide and Certificate of Completion

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Session Presenters

John P. Hurlock - Director
John Adams - Director of Mergers & Acquisitions
Mark Uhler - Regional Manager of Loan Review
Cathy Ellis - former Southwest Director of Risk Management
Lyn Farrell - former National Director of Risk Management
Tom Stripling - Director of Security Services
Amy Avitable - Former National Director of Compliance Services
Peter Cherpack - SVP, Principal & Director of Credit Risk Process & Technology
Kenneth Agle - President/CEO, Counter Risk Group