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Director’s Training Certificate Series

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The Directors Training Certificate Series is designed to educate the board of directors about significant regulatory requirements and critical bank practices and policies. Recognizing that the Board only needs a broad understanding of many topics, each webinar session is geared toward that goal, to avoid burdening them with unnecessary detail. The objective is to ensure your board has enough of the right information to make informed decisions about your institution's business and to meet regulatory and legal obligations.

The Series is appropriate for seasoned directors and those who are new board members. Since most board members have a defined amount of time to concentrate on their responsibilities and obligations, we selected what we believe are the core issues board members must know about. The sessions address:

  1. Bank Secrecy Act Essentials
  2. What Directors Need to Know about Fair Lending
  3. Insider Transactions for Directors
  4. Credit Risk Best Practices
  5. Managing Interest Rate Risk
  6. What Directors Need to Know about Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Risk
  7. Industry M&A Updates
  8. Corporate Governance Matters
  9. Reducing Risk From Phishing and Malware
  10. Strategic Risk Management
  11. Branch Acquisition
  12. Compliance Update
  13. CRE Stress Testing and Market Update for BOD

Updates and new sessions will be added during your annual subscription, as needed, depending on regulatory, legal, and other influences on the banking industry. It is recommended that directors complete the full series in an expedient time frame so that you have available, credible documentation for your regulator that the board members have been trained. Annual training is recommended and required for certain topics.

What is Included

The Directors Training Certificate Series includes:

  • 13 Training Sessions – available online and /or a Master DVD
  • 13 separate Reference Guides packaged for easy and quick reference to each session topic. The Guides are housed in a spiral bound binder and each attendee receives one binder.
  • Monthly reports submitted electronically to your institution recording each Director's session attendance and completion of sessions. These reports are issued monthly during the annual subscription to this series.
  • Question and Answer Email Service. Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions consultants will also be available to offer answers to your brief email queries on topics covered.


  • Simple, clear, concise courses that tell your directors what they need to know.
  • Courses average 30 minutes, so they can easily fit into a director's busy schedule.
  • Quick Reference Guides directors can access for immediate information reminders (like crib sheets)
  • Provided in a webinar format or on your bank's master DVD to make access easy. No complicated software to learn, no firewall issues.
  • Materials are adaptable to training for individual directors or group training on specific topics.
  • We provide monthly documentation to show director's training progress for regulators and effectively track training progress.
  • Single pricing for training your entire board. Does not require they be in one place at one time.
  • All of our sessions are current – just updated – and all are available NOW. The most current information and YOU can pick the training order.

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