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BSA/AML Compliance Services

Today, every de novo institution faces many challenges related to meeting regulatory requirements and coping with the overhead of maintaining qualified compliance staff. Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions has the broad-based compliance expertise to help you manage these challenges and potentially reduce costs. Our de novo compliance program is turnkey, comprehensive, and includes:

  1. Set-up and pre-opening services
  2. The development of a tailored compliance program
  3. The implementation of an institution-wide compliance program
  4. On-going administration of the compliance program

Set-up and pre-opening services

During this initial stage, setting a strong regulatory foundation is essential for establishing an effective compliance program. This phase of our program includes:

  • Developing a tailored compliance program
  • Developing compliance policies and procedures
  • Reviewing your products for compliance
  • Determining and evaluating required signage, disclosures and notices
  • Providing compliance training for staff

Compliance program implementation and on-going support

Our compliance specialists will be with you every step of the way— everyday—to provide your institution with all of the elements of our on-going Compliance Administration Program (CAP), including:

  • Establishing and supporting the compliance committee
  • Developing and implementing a tailored monitoring program
  • Implementing new and amended regulations
  • Developing and delivering a compliance training program
  • Researching compliance issues
  • Providing regulatory input relative to the development of new products and services
  • Reviewing disclosures and advertisements
  • Attending consumer compliance examiner entrance and exit meetings
  • Reporting to senior management and the Board of Directors