1972 Sheshunoff Information Services (SIS)

Sheshunoff Information Services (SIS) was founded.  Bank call report data was made public for the first time and Sheshunoff published books on every bank in the country, by state.

1977 Profit Improvement Seminars

SIS begins offering seminars for banks to help them understand and act on the call report data to improve bank profits.

1982 CEO Affiliation Program

SIS introduces the CEO Affiliation Program. Non-competing banks continue to meet twice a year to share information and discuss current hot topics.

1985 Investment Banking

SIS begins to offer Investment Banking Services, representing buyers and sellers nationwide.  SIS expands its publication offerings to include professional publications on management, compliance, operations and financial topics for banks and credit unions.

1988 Senior Lending Officer Affiliation Program

The Affiliation Program expands with a new Senior Lending Officer Affiliation.

1988 Sheshunoff Information Services Sells the Publishing Group

SIS sells its professional and data publishing groups to International Thomson, now Thomson Reuters.

1988 Technology and Operations Officer Affiliation Program

Technology and Operations Officer Affiliation meetings are offered for the first time.

1992 Sheshunoff Management Services

Sheshunoff Management Services (SMS) is introduced, offering full service performance improvement and technology consulting for banks and credit unions nationwide.

2004 Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions

Sheshunoff Management Services and affiliated companies begin doing business as Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions, a consolidated brand.

2005 The Harcourt Group of New England, Ltd.

Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions acquires the Harcourt Group of New England, Ltd, a full service Boston-based provider of risk management services, offering outsourced solutions for financial institutions throughout the Northeast.

2007 Bennington Partners

Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions acquires Bennington Partners, a full service loan review firm initially concentrated in New England, which served first the greater NY and Philadelphia regions and then expanded nationally.

2010 DKG Media, LP

Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions’ CEO, Gabrielle Sheshunoff Bekink, forms DKG Media, LP. DKG produces webinars for the financial services industry (Bankers Web), as well as for human resources, non-profit and education.

2011 Online Compliance Consulting (Hotline)

Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions introduces the Online Compliance Consulting (Hotline) service, offering banks and credit unions premier research and support in an online dashboard format to help them adhere to the ever increasing consumer regulatory compliance requirements.

2023 Sheshunoff Investment Banking and Affiliation Program …. today

The current organization now services over 500 banks each year, with a wide variety of investment banking, educational, and Affiliation services.