The Fall 2022 Sheshunoff Senior Lending Officer Affiliation Program topics and speakers have been released and we hope that you will make plans to join us. The Fall 2022 program will include an all-day High Performance Idea Exchange where attendees will be able to exchange ideas with their peers in a non-competitive environment. Bankers will also receive several bank specific reports as part of their Senior Lending Officer Affiliation membership.


Fall Senior Lending Officer In-Person Meetings


Sessions will include:

  • High Performance Idea Exchange I – The High Performance Idea Exchange provides an open forum for senior lending and senior credit officers to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing community banks today. Facilitated by an industry expert, the session allows attendees to actively contribute and determine the topics of discussion. This unique format gives participants the chance to shape the session dialogue and fosters the free exchange of information among peers. Ideas shared typically focus on hot topics in the industry, including the various loan strategies, risk management tactics, services and products that have proven successful for today’s community banks.
  • High Performance Idea Exchange II – The rapid, sustained and anticipated long term increase in interest rates is impacting the ability to find qualified borrowers and possibly the strength of your loan portfolio. How have you changed the types of loans you are making? Have you restructured your loan portfolio? Do you think delinquencies and defaults will increase? Which portfolios are you monitoring? How have you modified your CRE stress test? Are you stressing more portfolios?  How do you think the regulatory exam will be different in 2023?  These are the areas we will explore in this portion of the High Performance Idea Exchange.
  • A Tailored Approach to Executive Retention and Deferred Compensation – A vital piece of a bank’s success is retaining the key executives that have helped the bank thrive, and a key factor in a bank’s overall success is its long-term strategy.  Looking beyond today and making critical compensation decisions regarding key employees will greatly influence the future of your institution.   Designing compensation packages that are attractive to employees involves more than just offering competitive salaries and wages.  During this session we will review current trends in compensation at community banks, consider how compensation ties into management succession planning and learn how deferred compensation can be tailored to meet the needs of the bank.
  • Economic Update – Both commercial lenders and their customers have similar economic concerns as we enter the third and fourth quarters of 2022. The overriding issue is whether the Fed can bring the rate of inflation back down to their announced target of 2.0% without causing an economic downturn which would lead to commercial loan customers facing declining earnings, and commercial lenders encountering loan losses. Another major concern is just how much Fed tightening will be required to end this exceedingly high inflation. Dr. Ed will report on just what all this means for community banking.  He will keep an eye on economic conditions to see whether the Fed can achieve the so-called elusive soft landing.


You will return to your bank after this 1.5 day interactive event with a multitude of strategies and ideas, not to mention the contacts that you’ll make and keep – making it a very valuable and professionally rewarding experience. More information on the Sheshunoff Senior Lending Officer Affiliation program and speakers can be found here.


For more information on the Sheshunoff Affiliation Programs, please contact Karen Peterman at (512) 703-1558 or


What CEOs Say About the Program….

"Good discussions and thought provoking ideas presented. I am so busy at the bank that it is always good to step away, reflect, re-focus and learn from presenters and peers."

"Huge benefit in the way of exposure to national bankers vs state only. Always a good program."

"Really good, useful topics – very appropriate for this time."