The Sheshunoff Chief Executive Officer Affiliation Program has released the Fall 2023 Chief Executive Officer Affiliation meeting topics and speakers and we hope you will join us.


Join your peers at the industry’s longest-running bank performance improvement program and know that your budget dollars and time away from the bank are spent wisely.  Members of the Affiliation Program gain valuable insights and ideas to dramatically enhance bank performance. As a participant in the Affiliation Program, you’ll exchange ideas and speak candidly with your non-competing peers. Industry experts will give you hands-on solutions to enhance profitability, operate more efficiently and outperform your competition.


Reasons to Join Us in 2023:

  • Network with other top community bank executives from across the country
  • Gather ideas that will help you drive excellent performance and value throughout your organization
  • Learn best practices and innovations from some of the banking industry’s finest intellectual leaders



Fall 2023 Meetings


The Chief Executive Officer Affiliation program will include a High Performance Idea Exchange where attendees will be able to exchange ideas with their peers in a non-competitive environment.  Bankers will also receive several bank specific reports as part of their Chief Executive Officer Affiliation membership.



Sessions will include:

  • High Performance Idea Exchange (Neil Stanley) – The High Performance Idea Exchange provides Chief Executive Officers with a unique opportunity to discover best practices and to learn from the bankers who are implementing these ideas. Attendees will share their innovative thoughts and ideas in a roundtable format. In addition, we will utilize pre-meeting attendee survey results to focus on the topics of greatest interest to all. This session will encourage the free exchange of ideas among bankers, explore methods to improve your bank’s overall performance and productivity, and evaluate the challenges banks are facing and how to address those challenges.
  • Behind the Curtain: Cornerstone Insights and Discussions (Ryan Rackley- Cornerstone Advisors) – The Cornerstone session will provide a unique opportunity to peek “behind the curtain” of the industry. Attendees will learn Cornerstone insights from the field, obtain impactful knowledge, while also participating in lively discussion. Topics that will be addressed with include: the 5 Dysfunctions of growing banks, fintech (including case studies and key trends), avoiding hidden gotchas in vendor contracts and other attendee topics of interest.
  • Corporate Planning Compensation Trends and Regulatory Hot Buttons (Robert Flowers and Kyle Owens, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP) – Banks are competing for deposits in earnest for the first time in many years while regulators grapple with liquidity concerns, bonds losses and credit quality.  In this setting, the conversation for many bank boards often turns to the subject of capital needs, growth, and asset quality not to mention staffing and talent retention. This interactive session will focus compensation trends as well as a broad range of corporate governance issues and regulatory hot buttons.
  • Industry and M&A Update (John Adams- Sheshunoff Investment Banking) – With Fed interest rate increases likely behind us, the banking industry is focused on liquidity, deposit costs, softening loan demand, recessionary pressures, and areas of possible asset quality weakness.  We will study the trends in recent bank performance and valuation levels for both bank stocks and M&A transactions in a year of historically weak M&A volume as banks plan strategically for the road ahead. This session will evaluate community bank financial trends and will study various factors that impact bank profits and shareholder value.
  • Dynamic Methods to Win the War on Deposits (Neil Stanley and Julia Hernandez, The CorePoint) – Our industry is undergoing significant transitions as we leave behind the ultra-low interest rates that we have lived with since the Great Recession.  The Fed’s dual mandate demands that they address inflation with overnight interest rates and reversal of quantitative tightening.  Specific topics covered in this session will include: assessing the interest rate environment and competitive landscape; measuring and interpreting deposit pricing and sales results and advanced techniques in attracting and retaining properly priced deposits
  • Economic Update (Dr. Ed Seifried) – Ed Seifried will again walk us through the maze of economic data relevant to bankers including the highest Fed Funds rate in years, a banking crisis, the serious threat of an economic downturn, and inflation that seems impervious to rate hikes. As the summer of 2023 gets into full swing, inflation measures, especially the Fed’s favorite, Core Personal Consumption.  Dr. Ed will try to determine if those rates will march higher still as the Fed’s war against inflation continues deep into 2023.  Dr. Ed will also review the latest economic indicators and point out and discuss those that should be important to bankers in this troubled period.


To sign up for the 2023 Chief Executive Officer Affiliation Program, the renewal form can be found here.


We limit the size of each group and form groups with no direct competitors, so we encourage you to make your plans early as others are doing. To register or to find out more about our 2023 program, contact Karen Peterman at or 512-703-1558.


We also offer Affiliation programs for Chief Financial Officers, Technology and Operations Officers, and Senior Loan Officers.  More information about all of those programs can be found here.


What CEOs Say About the Program….

"Good discussions and thought provoking ideas presented. I am so busy at the bank that it is always good to step away, reflect, re-focus and learn from presenters and peers."

"Huge benefit in the way of exposure to national bankers vs state only. Always a good program."

"Really good, useful topics – very appropriate for this time."