For 39 years, the Chief Executive Officer Affiliation Program has helped bankers by offering a platform for the sharing of ideas, networking and opportunity development. The Fall 2021 Sheshunoff Chief Executive Officer Affiliation Program topics and speakers have been released and we hope that you will make plans to join us. We have a terrific variety of date and location options for the fall.

Fall In-Person Meetings

Sessions will include:

  • High Performance Idea Exchange – an open forum for community bank presidents and chief executive officers to discuss hot topics in the industry in a round table format
  • How To Thrive As A Community Bank – this session will identify how to create a culture that is efficient while also ensuring that the bank is generating plenty of non-interest income
  • Corporate Planning For Your Bank’s Present and Future – this session, co-led by professionals from legal and M&A backgrounds, will examine industry and profitability trends, and recent developments on corporate governance issues
  • Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity and Investment Strategies For Uncertain Times – this session will focus on the challenges banks face in managing liquidity, interest rate risk, and the investment portfolio in an extended low rate environment
  • The Future is Now: Virtual Currencies, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Artificial Intelligence for Financial Institutions – new technologies are changing the ways services are delivered and creating new financial products. This session will explore how community banks should provide these services going forward.
  • Economic Update – the Spring 2021 GDP Report shows the U.S. economy has completely recovered from the COVID Recession. However, the economy is not out of the woods yet. Dr. Ed Seifried will discuss the latest predictions and analyze the Fed’s latest policy actions.

For a full description of the Fall 2021 Chief Executive Officer topics, click here.

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