The Fall 2021 Sheshunoff Senior Lending Officer Affiliation Program topics and speakers have been released and we hope that you will make plans to join us.

Fall Senior Lending Officer In-Person Meetings

Sessions will include:

  • High Performance Idea Exchange IThe High Performance Idea Exchange provides an open forum for senior lending and senior credit officers to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing community banks today. Facilitated by an industry expert, the session allows attendees to actively contribute and determine the topics of discussion. This unique format gives participants the chance to shape the session dialogue and fosters the free exchange of information among peers. Ideas shared typically focus on hot topics in the industry, including the various loan strategies, risk management tactics, services and products that have proven successful for today’s community banks.
  • High Performance Idea Exchange II Since early March 2020, commercial loan portfolios have been subject to more economic stress than many bankers have ever seen in their careers. While the full effects of these stresses will not be known for many more quarters, these challenging times already have led to a multitude of challenging questions for bankers.   During this session, we will discuss these questions and other topics related to the current credit and lending issues facing community banks, with a focus on actions and best practices that your bank should be considering or implementing now to help identify and respond to these negative impacts on borrowers.
  • Leveraging 2020 Lessons For Future SuccessThe challenges and stresses of 2020 produced significant advances in bank operations and technology utilization that produced extraordinary results for many organizations. These advances can have continuing benefits for lending teams as they revealed how quickly opportunities can be pursued when teams are unified and focused on desired outcomes. During this session we will discuss how to leverage new or expanded relationships that were generated by the Paycheck Protection Program, examine ways to evaluate performance and challenge teams to continue process improvement efforts and identify practices that require change to meet the changing needs of customers and business owners.
  • Economic UpdateIt’s not quite official, but for all practical purposes the Great COVID-19 Recession of 2020 is now behind us.  The 1st quarter 2021 GDP is significantly larger than the GDP that existed before the recession began.  This development indicates the lending environment in 2021-2022 will be much more favorable than 2020.  The demand for credit will be much higher and worries about loan quality should diminish.  However, lenders need to be aware of other issues that will linger in 2021-22.  Ed will try to sort out if the current return of inflation is temporary or a major issue that the Fed will have to address.

For a full description of the Fall 2021 Senior Lending Officer Affiliation topics, click here.

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What CEOs Say About the Program….

"Good discussions and thought provoking ideas presented. I am so busy at the bank that it is always good to step away, reflect, re-focus and learn from presenters and peers."

"Huge benefit in the way of exposure to national bankers vs state only. Always a good program."

"Really good, useful topics – very appropriate for this time."