By Sheshunoff Investment Banking

As shown in the graph above, banks had success growing loan balances during 2022, benefitting from a rebounding economy as loan growth accelerated to levels not experienced in years. The median bank in the U.S. grew loans by 11.1% in 2022, and when annualizing the fourth quarter of 2022, posted a higher 11.6% increase. By comparison, the median U.S. bank saw a 2.6% increase in deposits during 2022, while posting an annualized 2.0% decline during the fourth quarter of 2022.

Now is the time for community banks to consider their long-term strategic capital and liquidity plans. What is your next move as loan growth accelerates and deposit growth stalls? Would an acquisition of a highly liquid bank transform your balance sheet and unlock shareholder value? Let Sheshunoff help you with your next strategic initiative. Contact us to discuss possible action items including:

  • Review of strategic objectives and capital planning to build shareholder value
  • Estate planning/gifting of shares
  • Issuance of debt to shore up capital or prepare for growth
  • Management and ownership succession planning
  • M&A as a path to growth and increased profitability
  • Stock transactions can create value for shareholders while deferring seller tax
  • Cash transactions can leverage excess capital of buyer


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